There are over 31 million cows in the US today. That Is It. We are now headed into the swing of the cattle cycle. Herds are shrinking. There will be NO significant additional cattle added to this inventory at this time. 

– Market Share is Critical –

20% of the total bulls produced every year are developed by 80% of the seedstock producers in the US. The top 100 seedstock producers – develope 80% of the nations bull inventory. 

– Finding the Right Bull –

You have great genetics – Your EPDs show it. You can compete with the top of your bread, but you are Unable. How the breed associations sort the EPD data is confusing at best. There are so many EPD numbers that the process, for commercial cattlemen, of finding the RIGHT BULL is difficult. 

– It is in the Sorting Process –

Creating a simple way for Commercial Cattlemen to sort through the data is the answer. More attention will be paid to the Genetic Attributes of the bulls as they can be compared side by side. 

A DEFINITIVE decision, about genetics, can be found – Simply!

– Sorting Made Simple –

Bull Buyers Guide is creating an arena where all bulls can COMPETE for Market Share. Where commercial cattlemen can SORT through the data, simply, to Find the Right Bull.

– Call Kit West –

Make it simple to Find Your Bulls. Have your EPDs stand out. 

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