Seedstock Producers

Bulls are clipped…
Pictures are taken…
EPDs are compiled…
Catalog is produced and mailed…
Website is updated…
Print ads are designed and sent to the publications…

NOW What – What else can you do for your clients.

Now – can the Commercial Cattleman find the right bull for their herd based on the information you have provided them?

YES – the system we have used for generations has worked – But can it work better with the technology we have right now?

There may be one more thing that can generate additional Market Share.

Easily make your Bull’s EPDs sortable to the point that your genetics will match with the genetic needs of their herd – using EPDs – linked right to your website – through an interface that is easy to Use and gives instant results.

  1. Quick Sort your bulls on your site.
  2. Sort each EPD to create a short list of the right fit bull.
  3. PLUS – List your Bulls next to the entire market of seedstock producers – so that potential clients will be able to find the right bull and build your market share.
  4. Your professional Profile – where customers can comment on your business and build your reputation.

You have the Best Bulls – Lets put them up against the rest of the Seedstock Producers and BUILD you market share.

The system sorting database will use the process of elimination to find that right bull. As the EPDs are adjusted the sort results will revel a short list – A list of the right bulls for your clients certain needs.

From there your client will have all the information they need to make the right decision for their herd’s genetics.

Can you See how this may help your Operation?