1. What are the breeding objectives for the herd?
  2. Is the breeder recording with a recognized performance recording service provider (e.g. Breedplan, CSU)?
  3. Can the breeder provide evidence that genetic progress is being made in the traits in which you are interested i.e. by showing you a favourable genetic trends table?
  4. What is the average genetic merit of the breeder’s herd in relation to the breed average?
  5. Can the breeder supply you with percentile band information, enabling you to rank his bulls?
  6. Can the breeder supply you with $ Indexes (EBVs for Profit), which rank bulls according to their profitability, in different production systems?
  7. From where does the breeder source the herd sires and what are their EBVs/lndexes?
  8. What are the breeder’s main criteria for sire selection?
  9. Does the breeder mate yearlings – heifers and/or bulls?
  10. What proportion of bulls are sold in relation to the number born?

For your herd to improve, the breeder’s herd must have higher genetic merit and rate of improvement than yours.

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