Please Answer these 3 Questions –

1.) What is your Biggest problem with Marketing your Bulls?
2.) How hard has it been to find a solution to this problem?
3.) What difference would it make if we are able to solve this problem?

Quoted from “Pete Crow” Western Livestock Journal

Bull sort catalogs contain so many trait measurements on cattle that it has become a blur. Sorting out the traits is much harder and it’s easy to miss something that will improve your herd.

–  There is a Simpler  way  –


The technology is available to create a one stop bull shop that will be easily sortable/searchable to find that right bull…
Bull Buyers Guide – is just that. A guide for the Commercial Cattlemen and Seedstock Producers to build more relationships to aid in making the decisions that affect the genetic makeup of the nations cattle herd.

To do this – we are emploring you – the Seedstock Producer and the Commercial Cattlemen for your INPUT.

What advances and changes do you see as opportunities that need a Solution –

Transparency & Simplicity….

EASILY – Searchable Database for EPDs and Genetic DNA….

Laying out the Guide so that it will be easy to search for the right Bull, the right Producer, at the right Time.
At the Same time – making sure that the Commercial Cattleman are the best fit – and that their expectations will be met for their herds.

Profiles of Commercial Cattlemen and Seedstock Producers will be developed by your INPUT. These profiles will aid in the development of an interaction and communication.

EPDs across breeds will be universally searchable to determine the proper Genetics for the herd.

Seedstock producers can use this as a tool to further the promotion of their genetics. From large commercial producers to the Start Up and Up and coming genetics – all will be on a level field.

Mission Statement:

“Organize the EPD Genetic Data of North America’s Bovine Bulls and make it EASILY – Sortable, Accessible, and Useful
for the Commercial Cattleman”